About Us

Statement of Purpose

Beyond Expectations Barber College seeks to provide a quality, vocational education experience surpassing all expectations. By becoming Akron’s very own premier barber college, residents will no longer need to leave the community to receive quality vocational experience, preparing them for gainful employment. Beyond expectations will become an asset to the community surpassing all expectations!

Beyond Expectations will offer students:

  • A well-rounded educational program, equipping students with the skills to meet the demands of the barber profession.
  • Top quality instruction to maximize student employ ability in the field.
  • Anatomy and Physiology are important subjects in barber-styling. Explaining the working of the human body and lay the foundation for various services to the head, face, and neck.
  • Professional Image, Shop Management Skills, Business Operation
  • Practical knowledge and theory of hairstyles ranging from standard to modern hairstyles with unity.
  • Shop management skills
  • Experience with all services clientele request such as permanents, hair-coloring, shaving, scalp-care, etc.
  • State Board Preparation and Licensing Laws.
  • At BEBC our Barbers will graduate with a professional skill to enter in to their own business.
  • Hope, confidence, and opportunity to anyone regardless of age, creed, color or national origin.
  • An experience surpassing students’ expectations.

Beyond Expectations will offer the community:

  • A new hub for economic development and growth.
    A fresh new businesses adding tax revenue back into the community.
    Immediate jobs for barber instructors and other support staff.
    Employable graduates, ready to work and pay taxes (in many cases getting off some form of public assistance).
    Crime reduction by providing past offenders a different path, skills and employability thus reducing the potential for recidivism.
    The only Barber school located within the city of Akron.
    A quality institution, bringing students in from outside the community.

Give us the opportunity to go beyond your expectations!

Eric D. Garrett, Sr


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Legends Barber Shop

567 Vernon Odom Blvd. Akron, Ohio 44307 (234) 678-7277

BEBC hours of operations:

1800 hours to complete….5 days a week…..8 hours a day….. Tuesday thru Saturday 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM Monday and Sunday BEBC will be closed Our GOAL for you: To graduate from BEBC in 10 ½ months.

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